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WooCommerce Email Notification Templates

To install a email set you’ll need to copy files to your WooCommerce active theme. You can use any FTP software or a wordpress plugin like File Manager.

How to Install ?.

1) Unzip the file.

2) Create a folder "woocommerce" in your active theme.

To Overwrite the WooCommerce default email templates go to your themes folder, next /woocommerce and then /emails - create if it doesn’t exist. Path should be

For WooCommerce, WooCommerce Bookings and WooCommerce Memberships only upload WooCommerce folder in PHP-file


For WooCommerce-Bookings Upload Both WooCommerce-Bookings and WooCommerce folder in PHP-file



Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails, and you will find the section, Email Template.

Here you will find some elementary options where you can change colors, logo, footer text. For more advanced modification you will have to edit the template in the file system.

email-header.php - the file contains the header of email

email-footer.php - the file contains the footer of email

email-styles.php - allows to output a set of CSS rules directly into the template as inline styles.

Change Logo

To add a image-based logo paste your hosted image URL into the Header Image​ field. The current logo width is set to 170 pixels​, to add a custom width open email-header.php​ and update $logoWidth = "170"; // logo width in pixels.

How to Change Hero Image

You can modify email templates using your favorite IDE or text editor. The advantage of this method is that it gives you more control over the code used in the templates.

email-footer.php - the file contains the footer of email

$email_offer_banner_url   ="Enter Offer Banner Link";   // Offer Banner URL

$email_facebook_url   ="Enter Facebook Link";   // Facebook URL

$email_twitter_url   ="Enter Twitter Link";   // Twitter URL

$email_instagram_url  ="Enter Instagram Link";   // Instagram URL

$email_pinterest_url  ="Enter Pinterest Link";   // Pinterest URL

$email_googleplus_url  ="Enter Google Link";   // Google Plus URL

$email_appstore_url  =" Enter Appstore URL";   // Appstore URL

$email_playstore_url  ="Enter Playstore URL";   // Playstore URL

$email_link_name_1  ="About us";   // Footer Link 1 Name

$email_link_name_2  ="Email Preferences";   // Footer Link 2 Name

$email_link_name_3  ="Privacy Policy";   // Footer Link 3 Name

$email_link_url_1  ="Enter About us Link";   // Footer Link 1 URL

$email_link_url_2  ="Enter Email Preferences Link";   // Footer Link 2 URL

$email_link_url_3  ="Enter Privacy Policy Link";   // Footer Link 3 URL

$email_address_info  ="© Emaily Inc. | 800 Broadway, Suite 1500 | New York, NY 000123, USA.";   // Email Address Info

$email_footer_info  ="If you have any quetions please contact us support@mail.com. Unsubscribe from our mailing lists";   // Email Footer Info

How to Change Google Font

Supported plugins

WooCommerce version 3.0.x
WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.2.x
WooCommerce Bookings 1.x.x<
WooCommerce Memberships 1.8.x
  • Addresses  > email-addresses.php
  • Customer Details > email-customer-details.php
  • Footer > email-footer.php
  • Header > email-header.php
  • Order Details > email-order-details.php
  • Order Items > email-order-items.php
  • CSS Style Sheet > email-styles.php
  • Customer: Invoice > customer-invoice.php
  • Customer: New Account > customer-new-account.php
  • Customer: Note > customer-note.php
  • Customer: Reset Password > customer-reset-password.php

WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Customer: Subscription on Hold > on-hold-subscription.php
  • Customer: Expired Subscription > expired-subscription.php
  • Customer: Payment Retry > customer-payment-retry.php
  • Customer: Renewal Invoice > customer-renewal-invoice.php
  • Cancelled Subscription > cancelled-subscription.php
  • Subscription Info  > subscription-info.php

WooCommerce Bookings
  • Admin: New Booking > admin-new-booking.php
  • Admin: Booking Cancelled  > admin-booking-cancelled.php
  • Customer: Booking Confirmed > customer-booking-confirmed.php
  • Customer: Booking Cancelled > customer-booking-cancelled.php
  • Customer: Booking Notification > customer-booking-notification.php
  • Customer: Booking Reminder > customer-booking-reminder.php

WooCommerce Memberships
  • Customer: Membership Ending Soon>membership-ending-soon.php
  • Customer: Membership Ended > membership-ended.php
  • Customer: Membership Note > membership-note.php
  • Customer: Membership Renewal Reminder > membership-renewal-reminder.php

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I send a test email to ensure the email templates are installed correctly?

    - In the section Email Template click at the button Click here to preview your email template.

    - You can install the extensions WooCommerce Email Test or similar plugin.

    - You can place a test order or create a test account.

  • Most Common Problems and Solutions?

    - The path to the email templates is set wrong. Your CMS system cannot find the templates.

    These are most common reasons. Ensure everything is okay.

  • Do you offer Installation & Customization as a service?

    - Bought an email template and need a bit of customization work completed?
    Let’s do it.

Installation & Customization Service

  • Service Description

    Don’t have HTML and CSS skills? This service is exactly for you. One of our programmer will professionally install and customize the e-mail template you purchased.

  • The Installation & Customization service includes

    – Installation one of email template you have purchased

    – Customization one of email template by your wishes (Images, Texts, Colors etc.)

    – Testing its functionality in your environment

    – Together 2 hours of net time by one of our programmer

  • Workflow

    – Once you have paid the service, you will send email on our email id aumfusion13@gmail.com

    – You will communicate with the programmer through email or AnyDesk remote software

  • Here’s what we will need

    – Admin login details

    – FTP login details

    – Your website’s logo

    – Your instructions

  • Price

    The price of Installation & Customization service is $60.